Power Distribution Room Monitoring Solution

A power distribution room is a key part of a power supply system that is related to everything in our daily life. However, accidents happened quite often recently due to the huge amount and area of the power distribution room and complicated operation environments. For example, the electric power was tripped off, devices are water-soaked, the room temperature is too high, etc. All of the situations not only will damage devices but also might affect the power supply. Thus, traditional manual inspection is hard to meet current demands now, apparently how to make use of smart inspection is definitely a new trend.

l  Advantages

1.Industrial design, metal chassis, IP30 certificated, easy to install and suitable for any industrial control application

2.Support RS232/RS485, multiple protection mechanism for example: ESD protection, power isolation and surge protection

3.Support 2/3/4G

4.Support cloud management, calculate the operation data and alarm reminder

5.C/Python supported

6.WDT design

7.Well stability which passed strict electromagnetic compatibility and is able to work under harsh environment

8.Support TCP/ IP, UP, FTB,HTTP and more Internet communication protocol.