Traffic Light IIoT Remote Gateway Solution

As the population gets higher and higher, the importance of traffic management between human, car and road is getting more and more important. The most efficient solution to decrease traffic jam is to make use of remote control the light for directing traffics to maintain the crowd and traffic flow moved along easily.

Intelligent traffic signal control system is mainly controlled by traffic signal control, IIoT gateway, terminal PC and the serial device. The traditional traffic light is normally a serial device that couldn’t control by remote control system through the internet. Therefore, it is quite difficult to manage some special situations like fire truck, ambulance and police car.

The intelligence traffic light will collect all of the traffic flow data to gateway in real time, and the worker will analyze it, such as the traffic flow and the speed. According to the data, they will specific adjust the traffic sign based on different road and time. Through the wireless IIoT gateway solution, it can efficiently reduce traffic jam, pollution and accident.