Facial Recognition Gate Solution

As AI technology is boosting in global, basic image recognition and visual identification are both being applied in various field. Facial recognition is one of a biometric technology which based on facial features. Through its’ uniqueness and near uncopiable feature makes it an efficient method for human identification. Currently, it is the hottest gate that can highly ensure accuracy, safety and also improve efficiency. 

APLEX provides RK3288 and RK3399 based AI machine vision box PC featuring high-performance GPU and can transmit the data in real-time.

l   Advantages

1.          Support AI face recognition and 3D motion machine vision solution

Features RK3288/ RK3399 multi-core processor with excellent floating point performance, high-performance data processing and supreme hardware for 3D processing which can support multiple AI application field.

2.          Milliseconds of image process and real time data transmission

AI machine vision box PC comes in high-performance CPU & GPU to ensure the CPU utilization rate won’t be less than 50% during multitasking. Milliseconds of image process will decrease the latency of image process. Through 4G/ Wi-Fi wireless transmission, high resolution image will transfer to the cloud immediately.

3.          Rich I/O interface for various applications

It supports lots of RS232/485 serial ports, GbE, audio output and play 4K resolution, USB2.0 and Type C, etc.

4.          High Expandability

APLEX’s machine vision box PC is based on Android 7.1 operating system which can be applied in diverse AI based machine vision applications, such as subway, train station and street.