Intelligence HVAC Solution

The central air-conditioner is normally being used in buildings to supply heat and air-condition. There are lots of problems it might happen during the operation, especially in summer. To ensure it can work properly and is able to repair the malfunction in time is the main issue that inquires the manufacturer and service provider to monitor in real-time.

l   Advantages

1.          Rugged hardware & high expandability

APLEX industrial design gateway is able to operate in wide range temperature and is equipped with IP30 which can maintain the stable operation in extreme environment.

2.          High data processing and computing performance with real time transmission

Rich I/O interfaces including RJ45, RS232/485, USB and more. It also supports 3G/ 4G/ Wi-Fi, LoRa and wired communication to quarantine the accuracy of real-time data. It can connect with other building’s automatic control system, including hospital, office building, theater, hotel, factory and shopping mall, etc.