Cold-Storage Monitoring Solution

A Cold-storage is much bigger than a refrigerator; it will not be impacted by the weather and is able to expand the storage time, like food, dairy, meat, seafood, medicine and more. The machine has to work 24/7 in order to maintain the temperature. If there are any malfunctions, food might be damaged and might cause uncountable losses to the corporation. Thus, being able to inform the manager in real-time when machine is abnormal is very necessary.

APLEX offers cold-storage monitoring solution which combines advanced information and communication technology, IoT, sensors and controllers to let users know what’s the temperature and operation status in real-time.     

l   Problems of traditional management

1.          Different food needs different storage temperature

2.          Manual inspection is hard to discover failures in time and is also hard to manage a big cold-storage warehouse.

3.          It is hard to collect the storage temperature during delivering, thus it makes quality maintenance much more difficult. 

l   Solution advantages

1.          Low consumption IIoT gateway may meet the need of large-scale and long-distance

2.          Support various protocols, like ModBus TCP, RTU, MQTT and more. 

3.          Support GPRS/ 4G/ Wi-Fi

4.          Features with data automation, data analysis and warning system

5.          Industrial design with wide operating temperature and voltage range  

6.          Real-time data transmission with high efficiency